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The First Year Journey of the Funded Brotherhood Peace Garden Project

Updated: Jun 25

The Brotherhood Peace Project received funding in May 2023 from the Greater Manchester Environment Fund, Mosscare St Vincents Housing Association and Manchester City Council Neighbourhood Investment Fund (NIF) and has been the catalyst for the transformation of the grey, unused tarmacked area within the Bethel premises to which is now a thriving Community Garden, boasting of a 25ft Polytunnel and 17 large raised beds dotted around the site sprouting its first crops of Cauliflowers, Cabbages, Garlic, Carrots, Peas, Strawberries, Apple Trees and Fig trees. In addition to this, over 300 hundred colourful trees and hedge plants have been given pride of place around the perimeter fence of Manchester Bethel to serve as a privacy screen in the years to come.

Over the year, the Brotherhood Peace Garden Project has received overwhelming support from a Local Community Interest Company (CIC) called Sow the City and via a Local Authority Initiative called Growing Manchester. The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Project is now breathing new life into the Moss-Side Community and has received and hosted over 100 Volunteers racking up over 300 hours of support from a host of corporate organisations/volunteers from British Gas, the Behaviour Agency, Casey’s, Tony Gee and Partners, Praetura Asset Finance, City of Trees and more.

In addition, several Local Community Interest Companies have used the Brotherhood Peace Garden to deliver food growing, seed sowing and tree planting workshops.

We further appreciate the local and corporate organisations that have equally supported the project's development in kind. Kieron McGlasson, Director at Sow the City, and his wonderful Team have been a constant source of encouragement and support, lending their time and expertise in developing community projects. Liz Berry, Customer Liaison Officer from Casey’s has made several donations to support the project, the Woodland Trust donated 200 hedge plants and trees with a retail price of over £1500, Sally Coates, Neighbourhood Officer for Manchester City Council with her support in publicising and referring the project to other organisation, the Manchester Bethel Caretaker and his team have all contributed to increasing awareness and the success of the journey so far.

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