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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

In a recent development, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star United Kingdom has been awarded a grant by the Greater Manchester Green Spaces Fund to create Brotherhood Peace Garden in Manchester.

This project aims to further our community interest and involvement as it promotes the inclusive values of oneness and unity with the wider local community in Manchester.

The project will create space for local community members, children, youth groups and volunteers to come together with us to grow food; while responding to the urgent needs of the local community around networking, strengthening diversity, and safe interactions, with a rewarding sense of belonging to a community.

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star emphasises the virtues of universal love, peace and cooperation.

The Brotherhood Peace Garden, as a community project, will in practice, demonstrate the essence of togetherness and inspire faith through cooperation.

The journey to making Brotherhood Peace Garden a reality has begun. Join us for regular updates on this maiden and exciting project.

Thank You Father!!!


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