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God’s Kingdom Is Embraced By The Little Children.

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

In Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, service to God defies biases to hierarchy, age, gender, race, class and status.

It differs greatly from the norms in worldly organisations and offers liberty synonymous only with God’s Kingdom; setting the pace for a New World.

The Universal Children’s fellowship Anniversary week which was held from July 18th through July 24th 2022 in appreciation to The Holy Father for according children a pride of place in His Divine scheme and agenda, had its impact felt also in the nations of the United Kingdom.

The BCS UK National children in the joyful spirit of the week’s celebration, engaged in charity activities in England and Wales.

The Charity visits in England and Wales were hosted at:

Baby Basics charity in Bromley, Kent, where a donation of essential items for vulnerable mothers in need, was made.

Wallich Hostel, Broadway Street, Cardiff, Wales, where residents were provided with drinks and ice cream to ease the impact of the heatwave.

Oasis charity in Cardiff, Wales, and Trinity centre, still in Cardiff, Wales, where fruits, vegetables and toiletries were provided to the refugees. The core duty of evangelism was not left out in the charity visitations in Wales.

For Wales were: CA Mitchell Eboigbe - The BCS Wales national Administrator, BM Florence Eboigbe, and MCS Olive Muke - Resident Missionary at the Elephant and Castle Bethel, London.

The events of the week which witnessed vibrant participation by the UK National Sabbath in the international Spelling Bee competition as well as the international Everlasting Gospel Quotes competition, ended on a high note on Sunday, July 24th 2022, with exciting activities and a colourful thanksgiving service by the children who converged at Mill Hill Bethel, London.

The role of the children in God’s Kingdom cannot be downplayed; it behoves that we learn from their commitment, steadfastness and innocence.

Thank You Father!


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