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It’s not often that man plays physical host to his Maker in His Physical form.

At a time when humanity is experiencing an impasse on every front, we have found a strengthened faith to rejoice.

Again, at a time when the religious minds of this world desperately seek to put a face to The Being they acknowledge with their lips, we have convincingly beheld Him face to face, in flesh and blood, and have identified with Him.

For us, His second coming is no longer forecasted into the future; it is a promise already fulfilled as He is now on earth, dwelling with man.

What further buttresses our joy is the fact that we are privileged to know Him by His New Name – Olumba Olumba Obu, the Name which comes with Salvation and Power, strengthening us from our weaknesses, setting us free from condemnation, and affording us the liberty ‘to be’.

Of what significance is the visit of our Holy Father, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu? – we are asked.

It is beyond what the mind can conceive or what our vision can visualise. It enlivens our spirit greatly; it lightens our fears; it fills us with hope and satisfying expectation, knowing the tremendous blessing and powerful manifestations or testimonies that accompany these august visits.

It offers us again that uncommon moment and opportunity to physically engage with our Holy Father in reconciliation, plea and request for advocacy, and thanksgiving.

It is natural for a child beaten by challenges, laden with troubles, conflicts, upheavals, anger, and lack of enthusiasm, to look forward to a positive change of tides, rescue, redemption, and liberation.

Whatever this visit may mean differently to us, it becomes a significant moment of recompense for life’s ordeals. A moment of great contrast between life’s unending struggles and being before the calming and reassuring physical presence of our Maker with His beams of smile!

Above all the benefits, the undeserving honour given to us by The Father through This August visit is totally humbling. It goes to show by every ounce how dearly He cares about us, His children. Thank You, Father!

When the world and its institutions consistently fail to provide the much-needed leadership and offer that is needed to revive the hope of humanity, the urgency for the soul to be fed becomes stronger. This is why we look to our Father. Our Father is not an alternative; our Father is the total solution. Evidently so.

The World’s advancement in technology, science, fiction, discoveries, artificial intelligence, theories, hypotheses, and the attempt to build strong economies and formidable armouries and weaponry has not translated to solutions to the persistent problems humanity faces.

The vision of big economies and world governments cannot fix natural disasters, prevailing hunger and starvation, wars and conflicts, humanity’s threatened existence, or offer Peace to mankind. Man’s vision rather sets him on a self-collision course. The further he advances, the more he becomes distracted from finding the basic solutions to humanity's basic problems.

The knowledge of God and the acknowledgement of God’s Omnipotence is the first and major step to gaining wisdom, and this can only be achieved through reaching out to God, practising His teachings, relating with one another in true understanding, and seeking peaceful co-existence.

When we feel despondent, broken, divided, and lost, we trust fervently that our Holy Father’s physical visit to the United Kingdom will bring us the healing we need and mark a turning point in our adversities.

When we are asked why we fuss about our Holy Father’s visit, the answer is simple: we know that our hopes will be restored!

Thank You Father, for visiting us, Thy children in the United Kingdom.

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