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King Charles III's Coronation Dinner

As numerous events were held across the United Kingdom to herald the coronation of King Charles III, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, United Kingdom, joined in the festive ecstasy as they organised a reception dinner in partnership with the Charity Walk for Peace, where they represented fully and well.

The dinner which was held in honour of King Charles III's coronation on Wednesday 26th April 2023, at Baitful Futuh Mosque complex in South London, had in attendance political figures - MPs, Mayors, the Armed Forces, the Royal Air Force, head of the British Legion, the Police, Civil Servants, interfaith organisations, corporate bodies, and Charities.

We are grateful to The Father for the esteemed privilege that prompted interaction between BCS UK members and the attending guests and the impactful presence of the children of God at the dinner.

Thank You Father.


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