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It's International Women's Day

A day set aside to celebrate the various successes, overwhelming achievements, and vibrant contributions women have made to society.

A day we celebrate the enduring journey which has brought women to a place where they need no longer advocate for their rights as human rights.

A day we celebrate our gender emancipation, our dreams and goals, our collective strength, and our immense and expanding roles from being ‘just’ child bearers and homemakers to becoming society builders and leaders.

A day we celebrate our distinctive identity which has set us on a pinnacle; while forging greater bonds, and building lasting support and alliances with each other.

A day that generally addresses the misconceptions of trivialising women.

And a day we soberly remind women across the world, held back by oppressive and misogynist rules and regimes, that the future shines brightly for them, and their dreams can be achieved.

The women have consistently held the balance on many fronts, proving their power of intuition, capabilities, and versatility. The women’s increased impact on the family, religion, management, politics, industry, technology, investment, decision-making, maintaining peace and stability, wielding positive influence, and good governance, cannot be overlooked. Their efforts are outstanding and are worth celebrating.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women all around the world.

While the world celebrates this day, we the Dedicated Diamond Daughters of God’s New Kingdom, reckon delightfully with our liberated status offered to us freely by our Father, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu; where we now matter and pride ourselves in the Divine scheme of affairs in God’s kingdom, from the humble position of servitude to the revered office of Priesthood.

We are eternally grateful Father for the huge recognition given, and the endless liberties we enjoy in the Kingdom of our Father. We pray to Thee Father for Divine guidance, greater wisdom and meekness.

Our eyes have seen Thy Salvation Our lives have felt Thy liberation We have tasted Thy Goodness Our bonds are free Our strength is revived Our dreams are born Our hopes rise Our spirits are lifted Our joy is full And our dedication to Thee is eternal!

Thank You Good Father!!

Happy International Women’s Day to all the Dedicated Diamond Daughters of God’s Kingdom, and to all women across the Globe!


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