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2nd Manchester Bethel Open Kitchen

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The second phase of the Manchester Bethel open kitchen event, hosted in collaboration with the Universal Council of Christ’s Ambassadors (UCCA) UK, was successfully held on Saturday, July 30th 2022 in Manchester - United Kingdom.

The event which involved evangelism around the Manchester Bethel Area, feeding of the homeless in the Manchester City Centre, had an exciting moment of corporate evangelism with the Moss side local councillor - Councillor Erinma Bell who was present at the event.

Councillor Erinma Bell with happiness stated her pleasure at what Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is doing for the local community in Manchester. It was a joyful event.

We are thankful to The Holy Father and His Holy Begotten Son - His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, for the ability granted to His children in Manchester Bethel and His Christ’s Ambassadors here in the UK, to ensure the spread of the Gospel of The Kingdom through this exercise.

Worthy of note is the remarkable efforts of the BCS Mothers of Manchester Bethel, who unreservedly applied their culinary skills to serve rich and mouth-watering meals to feed God’s children.

May The Father bless the efforts of all of His children in making this event, successful.

Thank You Father!


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