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School Garden

Brotherhood Peace Garden

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Manchester Bethel

This project aims to create a space for local community members, children, youth groups and volunteers to grow food. The team will make networking a priority to ensure that different community groups feel empowered and welcome to get involved in project development and maintenance and management of the site. The volunteer team will meet every week to discuss the development and management of the space.


Eco-friendly hanging baskets and large, colourful planters will be introduced to the entire area to support wildlife, and seating areas will be built to provide visitors with a space to enjoy sitting in nature.

Building climate and environmental awareness will be achieved through tree planting, rainwater harvesting, and educational workshops. Community open kitchen events will bring local people together to connect and enjoy hot meals in the outdoor space.


We invite you to come with us on this journey filled with exciting updates as we create Brotherhood Peace Garden.

About the Project

As interest in community involvement receives greater focus as a way to encourage togetherness and integration, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star United Kingdom is delighted to announce its plan to create Brotherhood Peace Garden in Manchester with a grant from the Greater Manchester Green Spaces Fund.


As a registered Charity in the United Kingdom, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star seeks to promote inclusive values such as oneness and unity of purpose. It also aims to build understanding and encourage peaceful co-existence among its members and the wider local community through regular interaction, networking, and works of charity. Some examples of these are the ongoing termly organised Manchester Open Kitchen which feeds healthy meals to the local community and the homeless in Manchester, the BCS UK Foodbank charity project in London, the support given to “WISH” for vulnerable women, support to “Hackney Quest” for single parents, and several other ongoing charitable works.


It is on the premise of expanding on its community mission and furthering its keen desire to ensure the safe nurturing of our environment that we have sought to apply for funding through the Greater Manchester Environment Fund to create Brotherhood Peace Garden. Their Green Spaces fund supports community-led projects that increase the quality and quantity of accessible, nature-rich green spaces in the region, particularly in the areas where people need it most.


Funding has been approved for this project, and the process of commencing with Brotherhood Peace Garden is now in motion. Collaborations with more local charities to achieve the success of this project are also in place.


We are grateful for the approved funding for this project by the Greater Manchester Environment Fund and the confidence that they have shown to support Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, United Kingdom.

 This project is funded by the Greater Manchester Green Spaces Fund, accessed through the Greater Manchester Environment Fund. 
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