‘Work for me I work for you’ is a very popular saying in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, a Christian spiritual movement, otherwise called Christ Universal Spiritual School of Practical Christianity.

But many take this saying, which was an emphatic statement by Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe, for granted. Leader Obu works more for His children than they actually do for Him. He fights and conquers so many unseen wars and persecution for His followers than imagined! Once you put up any little efforts at his work, He reciprocates by taking over your own affairs.

See the case of Bishop Ebenezer Isokrari, remember him? He was one time Leader’s Representative in Rivers State. He was also at that time secretary to the Rivers State government, which position this testimony is prompted.
During that time the brother was active in the Father’s work despite that he occupied sensitive and demanding government position. He even had a functional and active healing home. As part of his spiritual duties , certain times Father used him to work on pregnant women, and so forth!

Thursday, a BCS special day of fasting, was usually a day he fully devoted for Father’s work either at his healing home or other BCS outposts in the state. So this day was hectic for him. He had worked from morning till very late in the night. He had become worn out!

When sleep came, he slept like a baby till it was gone pass time the next day he ought to have woken and get prepared for official work. In fact, he overslept and forgot that he was to attend cabinet meeting with the then military administrator at 10am. He slept on. Nobody also remembered to wake him up!!

What happened!? The Holy Father, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu performed an insurmountable spiritual feat just to save his son and his government job because his absence at that cabinet meeting would have been too critical for the state and himself.

So, the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe, Leader Obu, while Isokrari was fast asleep on his comfortable bed in his house, took on Isokrari’s form, that is, the Father wore Isokrari’s physical self, wore his clothe and attended the critical meeting. Using his voice, his accent, his mannerism, his physique, his usual bushy hair, his kind of shoes, and all, Leader Obu spoke at length and contributed tremendously to the meeting to the amazement and commendation of the governor and other attendees.

One hour after the meeting ended, Isokrari who was all along sleeping comfortably and possibly snoring, woke up, and became panicky because in his mind having overslept and missed the critical cabinet meeting much punitive measures awaited him! He hurried and cleaned up and jumped into his clothes and zoomed off to his office, a 35 minutes journey. He had prepared in his mind what or how he was going to defend his absence at the meeting!

As soon as he arrived the government house premises, though panicky, some dignitaries who had attended the said meeting came to him and commended him highly over how he spoke and contributed at the meeting.

He nearly asked what meeting they were talking about. He persuaded them that he had just come and was so sorry that he was delayed so that he missed the meeting. But since his colleagues insisted that his performance at the meeting was worth emulating, Isokrari kept his cool. It was now dawning on him that his Father was at work.

It was when the governor himself also personally commended him for the impressive contributions at the meeting that he was convinced that Leader Obu took his form to attend the meeting on his behalf.

Eyo Charles