Dead man brought back to life through the new name Olumba Olumba Obu

 On Friday 9 July 2019 at about 10 am, an unknown man said to be from Anambra State Nigeria, walked into a motor spare parts shop in Warri Nigeria, ostensibly to purchase some goods. He slumped and died instantly. 

The owner of the shop is Apostle Francis Ukpai, who is the administrator of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Area 3 in the structure of the spiritual organization in Delta State. He was not present when the man died in his shop.  Neighbours and other eye witnesses confirmed that the man actually stopped breathing.  His body laid on the floor. After many hours  his body began to get cold.

There was pandemonium. Immediately there were allegations that it was Apostle Ukpai being a Brotherhood member that was responsible for his death. Anger was built up. There was to be an outrage and possible mob action against Ukpai.

Apostle Ukpai was scornfully derided, that he has killed the young man to drink his blood and enrich his business..

In no time, Ukpai returned from where he went and was shocked to see the build up of grieving and angry crowd in his shop.

Ukpai summoned courage and entered his shop.  He saw the dead man lying on the floor of his shop.

According to Ukpai, he felt power entered inside him and he went straight to the corpse and powerfully hit his head three times, exclaiming: IN THE NAME OF OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU, I SAY DEAD MAN WAKE UP! WAKE UP!! WAKE UP  FROM MY SHOP!!”

Hear Apostle Ukpai:, “In the presence of the whole crowd of people, in broad daylight, the man who had died for some hours, woke up and sneezed.

“I spoke to  the resurrected man that he has to get baptised immediately.”

“Fear, shock and excitement overwhelmed everybody.. The Father in me commanded the man and said, ‘Dead man, stand up and follow me’.

The Spirit told me: Lead him to Bishop Udobong Davies Obong, the Bishop of Kebbi State who resides in Warri, to arrange for baptism’. And so, I took the lead.  We walked the long distance to the Bishop’s residence.

“I was screaming ‘Olumba Olumba Obu is God! There’s no other God but Olumba Olumba Obu.  Olumba Olumba Obu is power. Dead man, I say walk; follow me.

“You can imagine the huge crowd that was following us. There was a heavy traffic jam as I and the ressurrected man walked across the road and shopping malls leading to the Bishop’s residence. The young man was not talking but was just following me, seemingly in a dazed state. Some people were running away from us as I was saying ‘Dead man follow me,’ and he followed me like a robot.

The Lord Bishop conducted Love Feast at his residence before the resurrected man was taken for baptism, and prayer at Enerhen Pentecostal Centre Warri.

The first statement of the resurrected man after baptism was, ‘I have come back, I am now myself again’.

Eyo Charles