Children of the New kingdom, you are not ignorant that man being blinded by sin, self-conceit and pride have since the ages remain ignorant of God divine mode of operation especially as it pertains to the divine manifestation, appearance and relationship with the scriptures particularly mankind. This informs the reason the world is unable to identify Him whenever He manifest or appears on earth, except to those He desires to reveal His divine identity to. This has given rise to his rejection and castigation. Most pathetic is His rejection and crucifixion in the last era and even in the present generation when He cherished their republic. This shroud cannot and must not be forgotten. God the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost remains God irrespective of the various manifestations like it is the case now. The reign of the King of kings and the Lord of lords is about Power. A different kind of Power which is the power of the Holy Spirit that can transform people and unify different ethnic groups, nations and races with the galvanizing power of His divine love.

The kingdom of God is from beyond. It draws its strength, authority and power from above which is why it can never be measured by the metrics or standards of the world, because you cannot measure an act of sacrificial love. You cannot measure the joy of peace to humanity or the wonder of His divine manifestation in an undeveloped world were corruption, marginalization and greed is perceived and upheld by majority. You cannot measure the second chance given by reconciliation neither the ripple effect of those who stand against justice as well as the difference made to the world by act of random kindness and beauty. You do not understand the power that is wasted in disagreement when people are judged by the colour of their skin, even when the blood of Christ has reconciled all things. You cannot measure the meaning of generation of men meeting faithfully to worship God in a place as a community of Brotherhood. You cannot measure them but there constitute factors that reveals the reign of God. They do not come from here; they don’t follow the rules of the world. They may even be judged foolishness by those who can see nothing beyond the kingdoms of man and their traditions.

The rule and reign of the King of kings and the Lord of lords did not come from here but is here and ever be ever be felt here and everywhere, Amen! Therefore all that desire to see good days here on earth must identify with Him whom the Ancient of Days has introduced to the world.