Music occupies a powerful place in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star

Music occupies a powerful place in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star whether in the vibrant spiritual choruses raised during worship or the emotive anthems offered by massed choirs at open air events at the World Headquarters of BCS at 34, Ambo Street, Calabar, Nigeria. Songs in BCS are always unaccompanied by instruments; the one concession to this is the organ which accompanies hymns during Divine Service. Songs are also used for healing, at child blessings, marriage blessings, meetings and feasts and during so called ‘Outings’. Here members adorned in white take to the streets around 34 Ambo Street, Calabar following morning prayers, singing and dancing as they go. The song messages are Biblically based with a focus on The Father who has manifested in human form with a new name Olumba Olumba Obu.

Songs, anthems and choruses are composed through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by choristers and composers. The co-ordinating body for the choristers in BCS is called the Christ Natural Choristers Fellowship (CNCF) and amongst other things they organise choral competitions and singing exercises during key events.

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star also has its very own recording artists: composers and singers who produce unique acapella, spiritual songs and who are loosely grouped under the General Association of Brotherhood Artists (GABA). You can enjoy a selection of original songs by BCS artists on our media player.