“The one whom you all have come to celebrate is love personified. He has not come to seek membership and innumerable followers but as written in Revelation 12/5, He has come to rule all nations and berth the scepter of His authority upon the face of the earth. He has come to establish the supreme reign of righteousness on earth. He manifested so that both the dead and the living might be brought to perfect justice. He has demonstrated in words and deeds the concept of Love which is the greatest commandment of all humanity to emulate. I have manifested my Father in this era that the works of the devil might be brought to ruin and the whole world irrespective of heterogeneity of religions, colour, sex, race and language might become one because this is a task that must be done in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore it is important to inform humanity that this is not the time to glory in human wisdom. This is not the time to promote acrimony and hate. This is not the time to engage in religious violence. This is not the time to promote individualism and the concept of ‘me first’ against the brotherhood of man and the unity of all races. This is the time to let go hate and embrace love. A time to let go war and embrace peace. This is the time for all governments and human leaderships to know that we are children of one Father and it is our collective responsibility to care for each other. Let the entire Christendom know that it is meaningless to celebrate boundaries between believers. None is authorized to hate, segregate or abuse his fellow man, much less to destroy what God has created for His divine purpose.

The misuse of creation begins when man no longer recognizes any instance above him; when he sees nothing else but himself. It is time for man to irrespective of position in the world know that the Almighty Creator who rules over the heavens and the earth has already come as a thief in the night walking mightily amongst His elects. He is watching every action of man towards his fellow man. And He will surely reward every man according to his works. Technology, sophistication and civilization do not mean knowledge of God just as religion does not mean salvation. In the world today, there are Churches and Preachers springing up every day, yet the world is wallowing deeper in sin because the Preachers themselves seek their own glory rather than the glory of God. Instead of exemplifying love, brotherliness and abstinence from sin, they preach miracle. Know that miracles will pass away, visions and prophesies will pass away. All carnal things shall pass away but the word of God and the universal brotherhood of all creations endure forever in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”.