“I reassure the inhabitants of the earth to fear not for the Lord God Almighty is physically dwelling with men. For the sake of His elects, He had already declared an end to the Coronavirus Pandemic. I assure you that very soon, there will be no need for the various precautionary measures that are still ongoing in the world because the special fasting and prayers by the children of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star on Easter Monday, 13 April 2020 had reached My Throne and as I speak all angels, arch-angels and spirits have been commanded to commence the process of healing the earth. I therefore assure you today that peace and good health has returned to the earth. Let not your hearts be troubled concerning the future of the world because the Lamb of God who sits on the Throne of His Father is making everything new in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Man should not fail to learn from this Pandemic. The supremacy of God’s wisdom and power in all things have been demonstrated once more that man should not take pride in scientific knowledge and technological advancement. The futility of weapons of mass destruction and military might have also been demonstrated. Man has also learnt that neither wealth, affluence nor political power can guarantee life. Therefore I call on every man or woman created by God individually, collectively or as a nation to pursue only those things that will bring peace to the world and a helping hand to the poor and the downtrodden; promote the Brotherhood of man and acknowledge the Fatherhood of God for all things have been made anew in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”