“His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head are many crowns; and he had a new name written, that no man knew, but he himself.”

“And they shall see his face; and His name shall be in their foreheads”

“Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem which cometh down out of heaven, from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.”

What you have just heard read to you constitutes the knot that I want to fix for the whole world today. Because at this final part of the days, God does not want anyone to perish. The Father has seen that without this gospel many people will perish because of ignorance, that is why He has arranged to give you this everlasting gospel of all times.

Those who search the Word of God, the Bible, will find out that the final part of God’s promise is in the Book of Revelation. All what will take place shortly in this final part of the days are written in the book of Revelation. This is the new covenant with His people in harmony with His purposes.

Many people today call God by the name Jehovah. That is a Hebrew name. Others call God by different names. Here in the Cross River State we have many names that we call God. In the Eastern States and other parts of Nigeria and the whole world, this God is known by different names, but all these names are not His name. From Genesis to the Book of Revelation, there is no single person who has known the name of God; I have not heard it mentioned by anyone at all. What happens is that they imagined that the name, for the various Gods worshipped, should also be given to this true God. He is not known or called by these names. Therefore do not allow any body to mislead you by these names. Do not put your hope on the name of ‘Jehovah’ as the name of God wherever you see it written.

Right from the beginning of the world, many people have framed different names for God. Some call Him Jah. He is not. It is exactly as we have it in the world today. You may see a person and he says that his name is Okon, but that is not his real name. So it is with some of you here; you probably have up to five names; the names you are called in the office, the name you are called in your family, the name you are called in friendly circles, the one you use in duping others, and other nicknames that you use as opportunity calls for.

All these are not your true names. Especially the names that you answer in your office and on your certificates may be different from the names you are known at home. The names that you answer in a strange land are not the ones you are known at your home. As a matter of fact the very names given to you by your fathers are not your names. God alone is the one who knows individual names. This is a hidden truth to the whole world from the beginning of creation. How many of you here know your names? That is why it is of no avail to boast in names because what you bear, as names are not your names. This is what has set the whole world aflame, this is what is robbing, cheating and even killing you today. This is what has misled the whole world – name! Because someone will come before you and tell you that he is Joseph, and you may take him to be a good Christian because of that name, but very soon you will realise that there is nothing in that name but falsehood.

God’s word tells us that the one that has come to rule the whole world has come with a new name. He has a name inscribed on his garment, which no one knows, but himself alone. I am speaking to you, who are waiting for Jesus. I am speaking to you who are waiting for Christ. I call your attention to this, you who are waiting for Jehovah. I speak to you who are waiting for Prima. I am addressing you, who are waiting for Jehovah Jah. Yes, you who are waiting for a Saviour and Emmanuel. You will not see them. Of course Emmanuel may come to you and tell you that he is that Emmanuel that you heard of but it will be a deceit.

Jesus said that there will be false Christs. Be on the alert, because some will come to you and say, I am Jesus or Christ, and you will bow down to him. Beware he is not. Even if you were to see in a vision Jehovah written on somebody’s forehead, do not worship him, he is not. That is why you are advised to beware of names so that you may not be led astray; because someone will come to you saying that he is the long expected one, when he is not. Since the foundation of the world, there has not been any creature that has known the real name of God. What Christ was able to reveal to us was that He is a spirit and He is the Father. We accepted this revelation of Christ. John further revealed God as love. Christ revealed himself as The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Therefore do not follow after any other names, but follow Love, Truth and Life for this will give you salvation. Do not look for names any more for they are deceitful and detrimental.

If someone calls on you do not ask him what denomination he belongs to or what position he occupies in his Church, this brings inevitable rancour. Do not be led astray by the robes of Pastors, Bishops, Reverends, Prophets, Popes, Evangelists or Apostles. Have you not read of false Pastors, Prophets and Apostles? And what of this name Christian? This name has deprived the entire world today. All the troubles in the world, all the crimes committed in the world today are committed by those who say that they are Christians.

Christendom has failed. I say this because some of you, your fathers are Pastors or Reverends. You are quite aware of the ways they use these names. They use these titles for dishonest gains.

But the name of God is wonderful; it is a Holy Name that nobody knows. He has now come to rule both the Heavens and the earth and there is no one in heaven and on earth who knows the secret Name that He is called by, except Himself. Since the scriptures has told us that nobody else knows this secret Name written or inscribed on His garment, it is then futile for any person to waste his time investigating or imagining what should be his Name. More so, there has never been a time that any part of the Scriptures goes unfulfilled because God’s Word must always come true. If this name were Christ, it would present no difficulty for we all know Christ. If it were to be Enoch, Moses or John the Baptist, there would be no trouble, but this is a secret name that he alone knows.

In the world today, you would see many Churches with different names, some are called Church of Christ, Church of the Lord, Church of Jehovah: what have they done? The use of these names does not change them. Others have chosen to be called Abasi, Chukwu, Chineke, Allah, Olorun and other names but these names have no effect on them. Therefore remove your minds from names, but let us pursue truth and love which shall lead us to salvation. For there is nobody on this earth who will know that Name; it is a secret name known only by the one who has it. Let us no more waste our time trying to presume what this Name may be, or try to work out the name in the way you work out mathematics. It is a secret Name, do not worry yourselves. For as the heaven is higher than the earth so also the knowledge of God is higher than the wisdom of mankind.

People knew Jesus, as the Saviour, and Christ as the anointed of God. But it is written that he will come back, and when he comes he will have no share with sin, that means His name is changed. In your secular employment there are ranks and grades, For instance, in the Police Force, there is the Constable rank, Corporal, Sergeant, Inspector, Commissioner and finally the Inspector General of Police. Therefore it is most unwise to believe that when Christ comes again he will be called Christ. Does it mean that Christ must retain his former rank indefinitely? In his time, Christ was the last degree or in other words, the master degree. He faithfully performed his assignment and obtained this master degree and was promoted and all powers and authority in heaven and on earth were handed over to him to rule. How then will he come back to answer Christ? If you were he would you accept such a title which is certainly below your rank? Why should he accept such name again? When he had already attained Christhood?

Brethren, do you see how stupid and ignorant the world is? It is written: When the Son of Man shall arrive in his glory, accompanied with his angels with power: consider what it means! Yes, the entire world will be presented to him to rule. And he will separate the sheep from the goats.

Since he is coming in his glory, how will he again assume the names of shame, suffering and death on the cross, which he bore, in His first advent? Do you not know that when there is a change in priesthood there must be a change in the covenant? Likewise when you are promoted, a new name is given to you. He comes to judge the whole world. Therefore his coming this time has no business with sin. And if you do not refrain from every bit of sin, you will not see him. He is not coming again as the friend of sinners. Why then do people wait aimlessly in their homes, that when Christ will come, he will come to their houses, walk about on the streets and cure diseases? Is this not stupidity?

Therefore brethren, go and tell the whole world, that they should discard such belief from their hearts, for in this second coming he will not be known by the former names again.

He comes with a new name and it is a Secret Name, inscribed on his garment that nobody knows except himself alone. If you like answer ‘Jesus’, and any other person may answer ‘Christ’ because he has opened the way for you. He has set those names aside. He cannot answer Jesus Christ again. Hal-le-lu-jah. Therefore do not know any person by name. Do not look for him by a name for you do not know this name.

Moses came, people knew what Moses meant; John the Baptist came, the world knew the meaning of John the Baptist; Jesus Christ came, the world also knew the meaning. But no one knows the name of the one that is coming except He himself alone. This is where your difficulty lies. “Jesus”, meaning the Saviour lived up to the name and was given the master degree which is the degree that every man of God must attain, Christhood is the master degree. What is before us now is the doing of ‘First and Second Steps to God; these will assist you to attain Christhood. So that no matter how many you are, you are just One Christ. In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

When you read the bible, you will notice that Christ is referred to as Love and God is also Love. But in this case we are told that His name is inscribed on His garment and no other person knows that name except Him alone. Therefore, it is a waste of time for any person to sit down and try to imagine what type of name is referred to or what the name is. The God that is now on earth does not answer Jehovah, Jah, Elohim, or any other names you may call him. And also the one on earth, to rule with iron rod does not answer Jesus Christ, Saviour or Redeemer. I am saying these things because they are going into record and it will be circulated world-wide, so that if someone comes to you with titles and names, either Jesus Christ, Moses or God, or other names, do not listen to him, because no one knows this Secret Name except Him alone.

We are witnesses according to the Bible that in those days the name of Jesus was used to raise the dead, to make the lame walk, why do so many churches that called on this name not able to use the same in accomplishing these great works today? Rather in some places if you make mention of the name Jesus, you will be beheaded. Or if you build a house and you happen to write all around that building the name of Jesus Christ, you would be told to demolish that building. And so brethren, have you not seen the truth in God’s statement, which says that former things have passed away and all things have been made new? Now, Peter, John, Abraham, Adam and Eve, and all other people of old are here but they are not known by their former names, they now answer new names. The former things have passed away; all things have been made new. Why is it that when you are told that God is now on earth, or that Jesus Christ is here and all other people of old you start to look around? Do you think you can see them physically? Read the first lesson, for I do not intend to go further with you.

FIRST BIBLE LESSON: Revelation 19:12
“His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head are many crowns; and he had a new name written, that no man knew, but he himself.”

Brethren, when you reach home, read this lesson again and pray to God fervently if he would reveal this secret name to you. It is of no benefit for you to fast and pray and ask for God to reveal this name to you. Instead of you searching for this name, use this privilege to love one another, practice the Word of God, and remain faithful. The first heaven and the first earth have passed away, the one in which you are living now is quite a new one. It is a sheer mistake for someone to say that my name is Okon, Ikwo and so on. Many of you are singing, “look on my forehead you will see the name of God written”. Do you know that name? It is written: “that the name of this God will be written on your foreheads”

That is why many people in the world can easily identify you because of the name of your God on your foreheads. How many of you here know those names that are written on your foreheads? How many of you can tell the meaning of that name? You members of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, do you believe at all that a name has been written on your foreheads? If so, then what is the name? The world has not come to know this. Therefore, Brethren, you can see that the wisdom of this world does not carry any weight at all; therefore you should refrain from such course of foolishness. What do you think is written on your foreheads? Do you think it is Okon, Ikwo, Affiong, Moses, John, or Jesus Christ?

Now is the time that Jehovah God and His Christ have come to rule. Concerning that day, the Son does not know it or the angels in heaven, only He alone knows. That is why God who made heaven and earth has come down to this earth to accomplish His divine will by himself. And today on earth, there is ample evidence of His operation world-wide. Jehovah God and the Lamb of God are now on earth, although He does not answer the Lamb again. You all know why He was called the lamb. But they have come with new names. There was also a reason why he was called Saviour, Redeemer and Messiah. Brethren, all those names have been set aside, the former things have passed away and now all things have been made new. In the name of our Lord Jesus, Amen.

Flesh and blood cannot inherit this kingdom. Let the whole world continue to look into the sky, into the depths of the sea and to India and so on, they will not know this secret name. And what about you brethren, I mean you who have been in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star for 10, 15, 20 years, have you known the meaning of what is written on your foreheads? Alright, if you say that nothing is written on your foreheads, why is it that when people look at your foreheads, they immediately see the symbol of light? Why then do people become terrified at seeing you and say there is something else in Brotherhood? When God did not write His name on your foreheads, were you not as good as a public towel to the world? But from that day, He inscribed His wonderful Name on your foreheads, look at yourselves now; have you not become signs and wonders to the whole world. Hallelujah!

Do you sometimes think why people should be afraid of you? It is not because of any voodoo, song or prayers or any power, but because God’s name has been written on your foreheads, by the one who is now ruling. He alone knows the meaning of this name. When he wrote this name on your foreheads did you see him? Researchers, investigators, philosophers, I ask you, when this name was written on your foreheads did you know? And you doubting Thomases, you who would never believe unless you see, when God’s name was written on your foreheads did you see Him? If you do not know the name that is written on your foreheads, how would you be able to know the name of that One, which is inscribed on His garment? Brethren, the worldly wisdom has failed and the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. There is nothing else that does all the mighty works here Brotherhood than that name. When all the creatures of God including the angels see this name of God on your foreheads, they fall on their faces and worship God. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.

It does not matter where you live or any place you may run to, or any cloth you may wear, you will be recognised as a member of Brotherhood. That name on your forehead is glittering and when people see it they are magnetised and the light from there goes into their eyes. God has come down and He is doing His works by Himself. I do not have any problem, likewise yourselves. The white man and the black have no more problems: in short, the world is free. Therefore do not worry yourselves in the quest of who is Elijah, God, Jesus or Christ and others. There is only one God. And as soon as He has written this name on your foreheads you and God is one. There is no more division, people can see God in you, no male nor female, no children; you are alike in this kingdom. Brethren, I do not intend to take you further, but when next you will be here I will let you know more details about what is in this Name.

Many people in the world today, take it as a responsibility to go about publicising that they have seen Jesus or Christ some where. This is a bye-gone work. You do not see Jesus or Christ. He died and conquered death, conquered the grave and Hades and he has been enthroned and given a Name that nobody knows except He himself. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.
Please tell those who are now scrambling to be known by the name of Jesus, Christ, Apostle, Prophets and so on, that all these have passed away, that the one that has come to rule, has come with a new name inscribed on his garment; that nobody knows except He Himself alone. May we have our second Bible Lesson read. Pay attention to the reading.

SECOND BIBLE LESSON: Revelation 22: 4
“And they shall see his face; and His name shall be in their foreheads”

Brethren, do you hear that? That they will see his face and that his name shall be on their foreheads. The Word of God comes like fire. It is wonderful to see this type of glory that God has manifested to sinful people like us here in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Examine from any record available, whether there have ever been a period of time similar to ours here in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.

Forget about being a Prophet, a Pastor, a Visioner, a Bishop, and an Apostle. All these names are deceptive and filled with falsehood. All who have seen God face to face, have got his name written on their foreheads by the one who has the secret name on His garment. Therefore, you are no longer known by those titles but by the name on your foreheads. No one hears of your Name again, no one knows you by your Names, if you like write your names all over your body, you are only known by the NAME written on your foreheads. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.

With this new name on your foreheads, wherever you go, inside the water, on top of the hills, in the thick forest, everything that sees this name on your foreheads submits to you. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, A-men. You can move and travel to any part of the world fearlessly; nothing will rise up against you because of that name on your foreheads. Therefore brethren, do not seek again for any other name to answer or seek for position, for this name on your foreheads surpasses everything in the world.

Brethren, is it not a thing of joy for all of us sinners who are not deserving of God’s grace, that God has chosen to write His name on our foreheads? When people see you, they eventually see God, for you and God are One. Imagine this type of love, for a person to be a King, and he identifies all his subjects as kings also. There is no discrimination as to who should have this name on his forehead, no partiality, no division.

Some do not want to see other members wearing the white gown, they say it is for the prophets only. No, this is your garment of glory. Whether you come in today or not, that name will be written on your foreheads and you become a citizen of this New Kingdom. You are no more known by any other name, but by that One name on your foreheads. With this name on your foreheads you are equals, unless you do not have this name on you. You cannot hide your identity when or once this name has been written on your foreheads. You sinners have you seen that name inscribed on your foreheads? The world has rejected you, sin has also rejected you; you have no one on your side. You are of the Father! You are to walk fearlessly, for there is none that can challenge you. It is this boldness that makes people to wonder what you are given here in Brotherhood.

Every word of God is accompanied with Power. Therefore do not ask any question of what is written on your foreheads, because all that were written about you are now fulfilled in this final part of the time. Do not worry yourselves to fast in order to know about the name on your foreheads, that is contention and egotism; this will be disastrous to you. Take the words that Christ spoke to his disciples when they returned from the ministry to heart:

Do not rejoice because you have children, do not rejoice because you have seen Him face to face, and He has written His name on your foreheads.

If you look on your face in a mirror you will not see this name. If you approach a visioner to tell you what is written on your foreheads, he will not see it. He cannot tell you, because that name is an everlasting redemption for all children of God. Do you remember when the four angels were standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth, that no wind might blow on earth or sea or against any tree but one of the angels stood by and told them to hold on until they have sealed the servants of God upon their foreheads, and those so sealed numbered 144,000. These have the name of their Father written on their foreheads and there shall be no evil that will befall them. Since the foundation of the world, this is the first time that the world, the demons have been puzzled with calculations. Because the whole world does not know the source of the power in Brotherhood.

People ask what is this Brotherhood all about? They ask you to tell the truth of the secret Power in Brotherhood and your answer is always “I do not know”. Hardly they believe you, they continue investigating and even checking your movements, all to no avail.
But it is that Name on your foreheads that is worrying them. Because even death flees at seeing that name on your foreheads. There is no other name in the world today than this wonderful name. Today if you write this name ‘Brotherhood’ on your doorpost, your co-tenants will not be happy to see it. It is written that the name of His God, the name of the city and his new name will be written on your foreheads. That is why if you call Him Jehovah He does not hear you, because this is not His new Name. It is also written that he who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple and never shall he go out of it.

What will you conquer in order to be made a pillar? You must conquer fear, gossiping, slandering, temptations, and loose conduct. Yes anyone that conquers these things will receive the insignia of the New Jerusalem on him. The very name that is inscribed on His garment is what he writes on your foreheads if you conquer. What do you think of it brethren, that He writes on your foreheads the exact Name that He is known by! What a wonderful privilege.

Go and tell all those now fighting to be called Jesus or Christ, angry people, men of strife and bitterness, tell them that the former things have passed away and now all things have been made new.

Today many people are even surprised to hear the name Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. They say that they have heard of so many names of churches, but not Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Since you were born have you yourselves heard of such a name, either in this world or in a dream? This is an example of what I have been telling you.

Today people nursed animosity against this name, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. If you visit people and say that you are from the Duke Town Church, or Church of Christ or any other Church, you will be welcomed. But if you say that you are from Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, you will be given the cold shoulder and asked to go away from their midst. Even voodoo priests will be welcomed for they say that they are saving lives. Members of other societies will be encouraged but not those of Brotherhood: this they say is too bad to belong. They term it a Society of Beelzebub. Today, no one says he is going to a church but Bethel. They talk about building new Bethels and they only understand this language. Yes, God does not teach you, you will not learn, you will never, never understand, no matter how old you are in this world

The new city spoken about symbolises you yourselves. The New Jerusalem spoken about also refers to you. And His name mentioned therein is the Word of God. It is said that never shall they go out of it. Mention any church in the whole world where its members sleep in it always. But not so in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. This is the house of our God where all those who come in will not go out of it. May we listen to the golden text.

GOLDEN TEXT: Revelation 3:12
“Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem which cometh down out of heaven, from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.”

Do you hear what this portion of the Scripture says? Yes, they shall never go out of it. If you are a Brotherhood member, you prefer to sleep on the bare floor in the Bethel than on your beds at home. That is why people say there is something in that place, for they cannot understand why you prefer to sleep on ordinary floor always. They also accuse the Leader of giving you something that makes you to forget your parents and relatives. This is false. But brethren, do you listen to this statement! “He that conquers, I will make a pillar in the temples of my God: NEVER SHALL HE GO OUT OF IT”. That is the point.

Your raiment is another conquest for you because people are surprised to see you in this wonderful garment of glory. Mention any Church where you see lawyers, doctors, people of high position in life going to sleep on the floor like we have in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. In fact many of the decorated Cathedrals are kept empty for the demons to dwell while the members are driven home after a limited time of meetings.

You are welcomed to any Bethel of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Bethel is a city, a place of refuge. It is a Hebrew word. Therefore, brethren, do not be surprised at anything that you see here in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. The former things have passed away and all things are made new. Do not come here with your former way of doing things, which you learned when you were in other churches because it will not fit in this new system of things. Rather, put on the new personality, which was created according to God’s, will in true righteousness and loyalty.

The name of God is Love. The new Jerusalem is Love. And the City of God Love. That means every one must manifest Love. Love alone rules. Christ said, I and the Father are One. Yes, they are One in Love. Love alone remains. There is no room for anger, wrath, bitterness, falsehood, idolatry, or any unfruitful work that belongs to darkness, but to remain in Love. Let every one of us know that the former things, have passed away, and all things have become new.

Remember what happened to the Israelites because of their stubbornness. They sinned against their God by desiring injurious things and practised fornication only to die, twenty three thousands of them in one day. Neither let us put God to test, as some of them put Him to the test, only to perish by the serpents. Neither be murmurers, just as some of them murmured, only to perish by the destroyer. The same thing happened to those who did not obey what Christ taught. They were cursed. You remember how he drove those money changers from the temple. They acted contrary to His Father’s will. But now all these actions have passed away, because you have been transformed into the Kingdom of God and His Christ.

This is a time of joy. There is no more division nor hatred; do not say “This is my own, or we started this or that Bethel, you are a stranger but I am a citizen”. No! All glory belongs to God and He owns everything and does everything by Himself. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Accordingly as God’s chosen ones; clothe yourselves with love, for it is a perfect bond of union. Do not remember the former things again, forget the things behind and stretch forward to the things ahead, which are all made new.
Brethren, let us not go further. Let those who have ears to hear, let them hear. May God bless his Holy Word. AMEN.

Thank You Good Father