His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu has power over rain, element

To further illustrate the axiomatic fact that His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu is King and Lord over all spirits, elements, thrones, forces, powers, entities and dominions: He speaks and all these powers tremble.and obey Him.
For instance, the rain is one of His workers! There are innumerable instances, He had ordered its threats to abate or outrightly halt. Other instances He would merely speak and flood would wash away assorted filths. Few of such instances are here enumerated for want of time and easy reading. Other instances abound.

Yesterday 08-08-18 myriad of brethren from the unseen and seen worlds participated in the Diamond Jubilee March from 34 Ambo Street World headquarters of BCS to its physical cradle at No 8 Eton Street in Calabar and back to Ambo. It is a distance of about 5 kilometres.
That march reminded one of the Golden Jubilee march, which held 10 years ago. It was christened March of the Redeemed. A week prior to that eventual march which was well trumpeted, there was continuous rainfall through the city of Calabar. It is agreed that the months of July and August are regarded as a peak period for rain but it does not fall round the clock as it did during the Golden Jubilee week.
The rain had put fear in the minds of the committee that planned the golden march. This reporter had just relocated to the city at the heat of the planning, and had witnessed this testimony. Because of the huge publicity given to the march, which had resultantly pulled sea of brethren, jealousy had ensued amongst the denominational churches in the city. They therefore joined forces to thwart the march. It was alleged that they had paid rain makers to intensify the rain.
So three days to the march, the Father directed seven 144000 Virgins of BCS to fast, and to march round the then Covenant Square. They sang round it seven times and prayed and celebrated feast. They spoke to the rain. Owing to the hidden fear in the minds of some of the organisers of the march that the rains could discourage many brethren from participating in it, a day to the much awaited celebration, even as tumultuous brethren had besieged the entire neighborhood of 34 Ambo, the King of kings and Lord of lords who has power over all things spoke.
“The rain is a member of BCS. It is performing its own function. The rain, too, will participate in the Golden Jubilee march but it will come last”. I still remember that declaration clearly.
Brethren, throughout that day of 08-08-08, it was sunny. Its effects were scourging to the utter amazement of all including those jealous organisations that joined forces to draw rain and disrupt the march. Because of the tumultuous crowd of brethren, that march completely shut down the Calabar South for over 12 hours, commercial drivers were worse hit but local small time traders, restaurateurs, hoteliers and roadside traders wished that such event should come regularly.
As soon as the last batch of brethren marched into the Great Hall, signifying the end of the march, the heavens open uncontrollably. This fulfilled what He declared that the rain, too, would be part of the golden jubilee march.

Soon after the mega event of 2012, the renegade brethren agreed to enter Calabar in full force and commission a new building with fanfare. Their ringleaders were all present. They called it ‘mother of all invasions’. The major highlight was that they would go on procession from Anamtigha, the headquarters of Calabar South LGA where the new building situates, up to the premises of 34 Ambo!! What an affront and insolence!
The then director of security at the BCS world headquarters, Brigadier General Enang Essien got wind of the effrontery. He alerted the state authorities, including security agencies.
Initially they had planned to hold the illegal convention at the famous Calabar Cultural Centre in the heart of town. They actually paid huge sum of money to hire the place, and obtained an official receipt which clearly stated at its back page that ‘Money once paid not refundable’. But the management of the centre got confirmation from the BCS leadership that such gathering was iunauthorised and not to the knowledge of His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu. The law enforcement agencies then took over the centre, blocking anyone or group from using it. The renegade were advised and they demanded for refund. They were asked to read the back of the receipt again. With fury and threats they could do nothing except to resort to their coven in Anamtigha from where they resolved to launch into 34 Ambo!
From 12 midnight of the Friday they had converged against the D-Day of Saturday, the heavens became wide open! The rain came down with torrents and fury. It had uprooted trees, and threatened ramshackle buildings. Gutters were cleaned by the oceanic flood. It had rained continuously from 12 midnight till about 6am. The entire Anantigha, community, which itself was reclaimed from the Calabar River, and which is bordered by the creeks, was heavily flooded. Many buildings, including the one to be commissioned by the renegade, were submerged! The rain thus successfully dispersed the gathering of the ingrates.

Recall that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) had officially invited BCS to its public event at the Jos Township stadium. This was at about 2013 or so. The Holy Father appointed a team headed by them Bishop (Gen) Enang Essiem to represent Him but they were despitefully treated. They were not recognised! They pretended not to have noticed their conspicuous presence, not even a mention about their presence was made even though they officially invited BCS.
As humans members of the delegation were unhappy by such disdain. But the leader of the delegation kept appealing to the team. The team spent some hours yet the team leader was not invited to the high table.
Gen Essien was forced to send a note to the organisers, reminding them of the presence of BCS. They still did not accord regards. The team angrily stood and began to march out. As soon they got to the gate, a mighty wind that came with rain descended and blew away the various canopies, scattered the tables and papers and forced them to scamper for safety.
No member of the team had physically reported the Ill treatment to the Father. But on their way to Rukuba Barrack bethel in Jos to rest, the Holy Father personally called Essien on telephone, consoling them over the disdain. He told Essien that He was patiently waiting to see that he, Essien, was annoyed over the poor treatment and He would have shown them the worst

There was a big event that was to hold at 34 Ambo. This was before the celebration of Eternal Dominion in 2004.. It was to hold at the Covenant Square, though then it was not called as such. There was a canopy near where the College of Bishops now situates though it was not built then. Father sat under the canopy which was well decorated.
The rain threatened dangerously. A few brethren immediately began to run inside the nearby Great Hall for cover, leaving the Father who was still calmly seated behind!
As it appeared many more brethren would desert the arena, to demonstrate His powers, the King of kings and Lord of lords stood up from His seat, moved out of the canopy, without even looking towards the skies, and said, “If this rain ever falls, even a drop, then know that BCS is not the place; everybody should pick his bags and leave.”
After this command, He returned to His seat. Less than five minutes the thickened, dark and pregnant cloud cleared. All the brethren who had abandoned the Father returned and the event held effectively.
Eyo Charles