Cross means bearing another person’s burden without complaining. It relates to the suffering endured by those who have undertaken to follow the way of Christ. The ability to tolerate all manners of evil doers or sinners, though you may know that the nearer you go the more death stares at you, yet you are giving them life. Finally the power of life in you will kill the evil ways in them and you will have given them life. This is carrying the cross. To be able to carry the Cross you must resign yourself completely to God. You must be loving, humble, patience, tolerating and must not be envious. If Our Lord Jesus Christ did not possess these qualities, He could not have carried the Cross.

When you are accused falsely and you bless such a person; when one assassinates your character and you bless him; when one hates you without reason and you bless him; when you do not complain for being painted black; when you go on your knees to ask God to forgive your enemies whole-heartedly, you are carrying the Cross.