History of BCS in the UK

BCS was first established in the UK when the late Mother Mary Akpan returned to London from Calabar, Nigeria in 1974. She had travelled to her native Nigeria the previous year in search of a cure for her daughter’s illness which had thus far alluded all medical intervention. In Calabar, at the World Headquarters of BCS, she met with the Holy Father, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu who pronounced healing upon her daughter.

Spreading the message of the Kingdom

Out of a sense of gratitude and joy for this singular act of love and mercy, Mother Mary returned to London the following year vowing to declare the works of The Father and spread the message of the Kingdom to the people of Britain. Initially assembling with a small group of Nigerian brethren in a brother’s house in South London, the group worshipped for a time in Kennington before a permanent premises was located in 1978 in a former Methodist church at Mill Hill Village in North London. This was to become Mill Hill Bethel.

BCS was formally registered as a charitable organisation in March 1976.

As the brethren expanded in number, a second place of worship was established in 1985 in the former Welsh Presbyterian chapel at Falmouth Road, off the Old Kent Road near Elephant and Castle. This became Elephant and Castle Bethel, the current headquarters of BCS UK. BCS later acquired a premises in Moss Side, Manchester which was opened in 1990 and serves the members worshipping in the North of England.

Mill Hill Bethel

The former Methodist church at Mill Hill Village in North London – now Mill Hill Bethel