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Position: Missionary (Minister of Religion)
Stipend £14,250.60 +Paid accommodation, all living costs, travel in and outside UK.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and capable person with a deeper understanding of Christian values, to work as a church missionary within our organisation. This person will play a pivotal role, in preaching the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The activities will involve engaging with the youth, house visiting, hospital visiting, counselling, and engage with the community at large.

The person must have the capability to read and preach in English. The person should be able to take up responsibility for organising church and community events, hence to help the church to have a good working relationship with other churches, agencies and local community.

Candidate must have understanding of the ethos and practises of BCS. Candidate must have BCS Missionary/Priesthood qualification.

Candidate must be a good orator with efficient communication skills that would help relate to people of different age groups, background and ethnicity. The person must be a good initiator to lead and give guidance at all evangelism in the UK. Candidate must have the ability to counsel and relate to person in various physical, mental or emotional conditions that requires a strong passion, to lead the church, in accordance with Brotherhood of the Cross and Star ethos.

Job Role
Candidate must have the ability to propagate the word of God, preaching the gospel, and humanitarian ideas of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.
To carry out daily services in the church, for example Men and Women Fellowship meetings
To conduct weddings, baptisms and funeral services
The successful applicant will be committed to our mission ethics, aims and objectives.

All interested candidates are required to send in their CV to: Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Olumba House, Falmouth Road, London SE1 6RT

Closing date: Friday 22nd February 2013

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